Real world examples

Employee training for international church services

In the past, our international church services were almost exclusively prepared by Germans. Born-for-more has ensured that today we have a diverse team consisting of Iranians, Afghans, a Syrian, Kurds, and Chileans. Over the course of one year, we met monthly on Friday evenings to share meals, work on Born-for-more topics together, and plan upcoming church services. A strong „team“ has emerged, which forms the core of a growing intercultural community.

Martin Kocher, Bad Liebenzell

Employee training for youth camps

Three boys and four girls between the ages of 16 and 21 regularly came to our house every two weeks around half past six. Except for one, all were former participants of our intercultural summer camp. We always started with a shared dinner. Each time, a dish from a different nation – Libyan, Syrian, Mexican, etc. During dinner, questions were placed on the table to introduce the topic. Then we discussed a specific theme. We finished around half past nine. After about three months, the summer camp arrived. The trainees stood in front of the group, led workshops, and helped as much as they could. It was great to experience – participants had become staff members.

Yasin Adigüzel, Stuttgart

Born for More in Ludwigsburg

My name is Juliet Alex, and I come from Nigeria. I have been living here in Ludwigsburg with my family for 4 years. Last year, I participated in „Born for More.“ At Born4More, we talked about our difficult moments in life and why we didn’t give up when it seemed like the end of the road and there were many obstacles in life.

We discussed various topics – culture, volunteering, work, our strengths & weaknesses, and what personality type we are, and so on.

A special topic for me was leadership, specifically how to lead a team and how, as a team leader, to initiate and conduct a conversation. During that time, I was a children’s church leader in our church. The topic helped me a lot. I didn’t know back then that I needed to start with the „good work“ before discussing the not-so-good or how to improve the work. Additionally, I learned how to interact with people from different countries. I am very satisfied with Born4More, and I would like to recommend it to others!

Juliet Alex, Ludwigsburg